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We can provide Interior Design services on location or remotely, we may have to make a visit to measure the space. Very reasonable design packages, and a straight-forward step by step process.


Why interior designer?

Start with a plan, remodel with an easy step by step process. Have someone on and by your side.

What are the benefits?

To list a few, we can:

  1. Save you time/money from searching furniture stores.
  2. We can save you money from overpaying on items.
  3. Overpaying on contractors.
  4. Prevent redoing mishandled jobs.
  5. Prevent excess waste on materials
  6. Great Design, and More, saving $$ Thousands.
What if I don’t like the design?

We discuss your project and your preferences beforehand, but if you still don’t like the design, we modify the look to match your needs.

How much am I expected to pay upfront?

We take a percentage upfront to begin the project, and then take payments as stages are completed and approved.

Where can I buy items from your design?

We provide an excel spreadsheet with product links or locations where to purchase items at various price points.

How long will the design take?

The design can take from 2-4 weeks depending on the requirements and the space.

What if I don’t have contractors?

We will get offers and recommend contractors and sub-contractors to help you get the job completed. You are not required to use our recommendations, and we can still help you negotiate or get offers from any contractor. We can provide them with specifications and diagrams.

Ask us any questions!
Madalina Spafiu- Europe:
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Adrian Balas- United States:
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Bianca D.
    Bianca D.

    A Real Pleasure

    Madalina Spafiu from BMS Design & Renovations is an excellent interior designer. Working with her for our first house was a real pleasure. We had assistance from her all the time that we need, with many information. We received good advice to put into practice for every single corner in the house. And the final project was awesome, we really love it and it’s the best that we can have it. We recommend Madalina and her team with great affection and with all confidence.

    Elena & Martin
      Elena & Martin

      Perfect Match

      Thanks for all the effort. We really like the result. We have already moved into the new house, 2 months ago. Everything is perfect, as we wanted. The furnishing style perfectly matches our preferences, and the result is according to our expectations. You showed seriousness, flexibility, professionalism and everything was on time as we agreed. Thank you for everything. I will definitely use your services again for the next house I buy.

      George B.
        George B.

        Fast Turnaround

        This was the first time I ever used an interior designer, and BMS has exceeded any expectations I had about the process and delivery. They were timely with the designs at every round, did a great job at staying within my budget, and were always available to chat and/or meet. I was always impressed with the renderings they provided, and how fast they turned around any changes I had requested. Once the design was finalized, they provided a Google Sheets document with links to the products needed to complete the project. The great thing about the Google Sheets doc is that it was organized by each room, and there were multiple links provided for each item at various price points. Once I would purchase something I would just cross it off the list. Another surprising aspect of the experience is how knowledgeable they were about the sizes of nearly every aspect of the design and my home, which speaks to their attention to detail. Literally, they got to know my house better than I do. Highly recommend working with BMS Interior Design & Renovations

        Ready To Start New Project With Us?

        Feel free to write us with any questions, no hassle discussion about your space, we are not trying to sell you. We simply offer our services at a price, and you can take your time to decide.

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